Skyrider allows uploading custom bootable ISOs for recovery purposes. These could be different images for Windows/Linux/FreeBSD or any additional software.

Currently, user can only view public ISOs.

To view the ISOs available to you:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Cloud > Templates.
  2. Select ISO list from the menu that expands. 
  3. The page that loads, will show the list of ISOs available to you separated into three tabs:
  • All ISOs - the list of all ISOs available on your system
  • System ISOs - the list of the ISOs that are publicly available to all users


For each ISO listed, you see the following details displayed:

  • Log status - the status of the last log item of the ISO (complete/pending/failed). Click the status to view the log details for the ISO (available to the ISOs that were uploaded through an URL).
  • OS - the icon that indicates the operating system of the ISO
  • Label - the name of the ISO
  • Min memory size - the minimum RAM size required for the ISO
  • Operating systems - the operating system on the ISO
  • Virtualization - the virtualization type chosen for the ISO
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